COPPER STILL BAGNO MARIA (water jacket still) 5 lt.

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Copper Moonshine still with "water jacket"
Model Bagno Maria
Model code A5LSB
Volume 5 liters 

The still consists of following elements:
Helmet (serves to increase the fortness of the vapor and exhaust vapor into the cooling container)
Boiler is equipped with the "water jacket" and the container for materials (the container serves for heating the distilled raw material and the "water jacket" serves like an additional buffer between the heating element and the container with materials)
The tube at the boiler to add water
The tube at the boiler for steam removal
The small glass window at the boiler to control the water level in "water jacket"

Cooling container with the coil (fridge, serves to condensate the vapor of distilled raw materials) 
Water inlet pipe
Water outlet pipe
Distillate output pipe


The copper still Bagno Maria is perfect for distillation of any raw materials, containing fruits, berries, corn, potatoes, grain and other plant components. If the process of distillation is carried out in a usual still, there is a risk of raw materials burning at the walls of boiler. The boiler of Bagno Maria still has an additional section – “jacket”, which is filled with the water. Such technology allows to carry out the distillation process using the plant raw materials, because the boiler with the liquid inside is heated evenly and slowly. 

The main difference between the Bagno Maria still and the Serpentina still  – is the presence of "water jacket" and two tubes which are located at the boiler of the still. The first one tube is used for supplying and discharging the treated water of the boiler, the second tube serves for discharging the steam. The glass window at the boiler serves to control the water level in the "water jacket". 

Boiler: Diameter 28 cm. height 35 cm.
Helmet: Diameter 19 cm. 
Copper thickness: 1,2 mm
Weight: 5 kg.

Products are made of lead-free materials. Certificates for materials can be provided by your request.

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